Floral Studios began in 2020 during the pandemic when I started recording my musician friends for fun. I quickly realized with my experience of video editing, recording engineering, and audio engineering that I was dishing out an extremely useful product. I watched as my clients amassed more social media followers, booked larger venues, and gained artist management all thanks to these recordings I was fortunate enough to help with. 


If you would like to take your artistry to the next level and book a recording, my rates are below. I believe that these are WAY more impactful today than just an audio recording or sub par quality content. I have found that these videos do give us musicians a huge step up and look forward to giving you all the help I can :). You will notice all my examples so far are also bands I am in but I want to extend these services further. My wife has been kind enough to do the camera now so it is completely and literally "in house". Come on by!


RATES (all packages include a copy of the video(s) and the mixed/quick master audio):


Solo Acoustic 3 songs for $300


Duo and Full Band 3 songs for $500


We can of course work out something if you'd like to do less songs as well.


Examples and equipment list below. Email @ crosbycofod@gmail.com




Justin Singleton Floral Session

Daphne Eckman Floral Session


RME Babyface 

Focusrite Clarett Octopre 


EV RE20 on kick 


Oktava Mk012(2) 

Sennheiser e906 




Amp isolation room 

Shure SE215's for wired in ear mix's or we can use an in room monitor 


1976 Deluxe Reverb 

Princeton Reverb Bordeaux Edition 1x12